This is an easy, OSCP-like machine from Hack The Box. We exploited a highly vulnerable application to gain a foothold, and afterwards, privilege escalation was achieved via use of the JuicyPotato exploit. Due to the application being so vulnerable there are many ways to approach this, i’ll show you the path I took. Enumeration Let’sContinue reading “Arctic”


This was an OSCP-like medium ranked machine from Hack The Box that lived up to it’s name by being frustrating at times but overall was very enjoyable once you cracked it. Enumeration We’ll start with an nmap scan. nmap tells us that the machine is running IIS 7.5 on port 80 and also flags aContinue reading “Bastard”


This was an easy OSCP-like machine from Hack The Box. There were a couple of different ways that you could do the Privilege Escalation portion so i’ll show you two of the options available. Enumeration As always we start with our favourite tool, nmap. We only have a single service on this machine which makesContinue reading “Optimum”


Taking a break from the Windows hacking with some easy Linux hacking, and nothing comes easier than Lame, the first ever machine from Hack The Box. You can own this machine in under 5 minutes and there are a great many ways to approach it, for fun I decided to own it start to finishContinue reading “Lame”


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About Me

Hi, I’m Cian. I’ve been interested in computers from an early age and have been working in IT for over a decade. I have an interest in Ethical Hacking and achieved my CEH in October 2020. This blog is intended to focus on write-ups of interesting machines I hack on HTB, THM and other platforms. When not hacking I can be found flying drones (poorly) and attempting to view the night sky through overwhelming cloud cover.

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